Embrace Your Place

Some people have great ambitions and dreams. Some know have a plan and how it will all work out for them. While others just know that their dream is just a dream that they use to escape reality for a little bit. I have met some really ambitious people in my life. Some that have accomplished so much by 25 it’s unreal. I have friends in the past 5 years that told me that their dream was to be on Broadway and they’ve accomplished that already. 

But what if you don’t know what steps to take to accomplish your dreams and you are just working a dead end job just to make it by? You have a dream but you also have bills. So you work to provide for yourself and your family while keeping your dream alive on the side. What if you hate your job because you want that dream so badly that it’s all you think about? It’s draining because you feel like if you could just accomplish some steps towards your dream you would feel better about doing that dead end job. 

I once heard from a wise man in my life that once he embraced his place he realized that he could make an impact with the cards that life had dealt him. That struck me really hard. Embrace your place. But I thought on it for awhile, 3 months to be exact, and realized there is such a power in that.

Embracing your place doesn’t just mean that you get stuck in a certain place forever. But instead it means that be the best whatever you are currently doing and when other opportunities come to you that move you closer to the ultimate goal you should take them. So let’s set up a scenario to illustrate it. You want to be a chef of a 5 star restaurant. But currently at the moment you are a waiter and you don’t enjoy your job because it’s not where you want to ultimately be. Embracing your place means that you just say to God everyday “if this is what you made me for, then I’m gonna try and be the best (whatever job or position you are in) that I can be.” It’s that moment when you surrender yourself and begin to live into your circumstances. 

“Once I embraced my place, I realized that I could impact the world around me”-Loyd Ingham

To embrace your place really just means that you grow exactly where you are planted until the Master Gardener uproots you to another place he has called you to be. Be who you are and work hard. One day you will get noticed and, going back to our scenario, get moved to another position in the restaurant. And eventually you will get to that dream that you want to get to. It might take you a long time but eventually you will get there.

For that wise man that is in my life, he didn’t get to his dream job until he was almost 60. But he embraced every place on the way to his dream job. He grew where he was planted and thrived despite not being exactly where he wanted to be. So just because you are not where you want to be in life does not mean you cannot thrive where God has called you to be for this time. So I encourage you embrace your place and grow where the Gardener has placed you. You never know what might happen if you do. 

I bet you that you will enjoy your job more if you surrender the desires of your heart and say if this is what I’m meant to do I will do it well. Your heart with loosen and you will do your job with more joy. Embrace your place and live the adventure that God has called you on.

Thad Ernst

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