Be who you are.

There are so many imitators out there. People imitate all sorts of other things and other people. I have always wondered why people begin to imitate others. Its how trends and fads begin and decline. Its a sense of everyone else is doing it so it must be trendy. I started to wonder recently if people weren’t comfortable in their own skin. If you are trying to be like someone else are you really comfortable in your body or are you trying to cover up something that you think that society will judge you for?

So what if someone judges you for being the person that you are. What if you are unrefined as a public speaker? What if you are not as good of an athlete? What if you were in an accident that changed your life? What if. What if. What if. You cannot change the circumstances that you are handed but I can tell you that you can use your circumstances to glorify Jesus.

A few people over the past month or so have asked me, Thad, how are you so comfortable in your own skin? I honestly cannot answer them with a full answer most of the time or at least a good answer that people can understand. But I guess that is why I have a blog that I can fully flesh out my thoughts in. I can tell you that it has been a journey to be the person that I am. It hasn’t always been this easy I guess. I’ve been through a lot in my 24 years on this planet and I am pretty grateful now that I look back on it.

When I was in the midst of trials I always thought of “What if…” What if This wasn’t happening to me? What if something else had occurred and it had made my life better. But now that I look back on it all I realize that I couldn’t have done anything different in those times of waiting and times of trial. I don’t know what you are going through and what the hand that life has dealt you looks like.

But I had a thought today as I peered out from a coffee shop in downtown Tulsa, what if everything in my life has led up to this point in my life? God slowly just whispered to my heart “it has”. And I was struck by it, everything in my life has led me to be the person that I am today in the location that I am today. Every good thing, and every trial has led me to be who I am.

All my life has lead up to being who I am today. And without it I wouldn’t be the person that I am. So as I look back over my life I am grateful that through it all God still called me to be me. Because I would probably make a terrible someone else.

So don’t try to be someone else. God made you to be you not a copy of someone else. If you think that means you should dye your hair blue, like my friend Lauren from Cincinnati, you should DO IT! If that means you stop playing basketball because you want to be an artist, DO IT!  BE who you are daily. Be unashamed to be yourself and don’t try to be a replica of someone else because you will never be as good trying to be someone else that you will be when you are completely yourself.

Life isn’t about the destination, its about the journey. So go confidently into the life that God has created for you. For you not someone else. You are enough. You are worth it.

Psalm 134:14

Thad Ernst

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  1. Patti Mullin · February 9, 2017

    Once again..thumbs up! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Meredith · February 13, 2017

    You aced it again. Miss you and love you❤


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