What is a person worth?

Immediately some of you may have an answer to this question. But I will go ahead and ask my second question since some of you have already answered the first question. Are you being honest with yourself? Too often we give answers without actually considering if we would actually follow through with what we have just said. So again I will ask my first question, What is a person worth? So often we see in the United States that “Black Lives Matter” “White Lives Matter” “All Lives Matter”. But do we actually think that all lives matter?

I don’t think people in the United States actually believe that all lives matter. You want to know why, eh? Because this is such a selfish, instant gratification driven society. Sometimes we are so focused on the things that are going on in our own lives such as our job, sports teams, and anything else you do to realize that there are other people going through some hellacious situations. Sometimes we just get so zeroed in on us that we forget there are others around us. We get so focused on our own comfort zone that we forget that their are others around us that are hurting. We can say until we are blue in the face that we would help another person if we only knew what was going on. But why do we have to know to love them before things get too bad. I had a friend from high school who I had grown up playing soccer with who committed suicide this past year. People posted on social media, “We just didn’t know” “This took us all by surprise”. But Why? Why didn’t we know? Did we not take the time to ask him how he was doing? If we did ask him how he was did we let him get away with “Oh, I’m all good” and not ask why?

But let me get to the real point of writing this. You are valuable. Yes you, the one who is reading this is valuable. You know why you are valuable, because you have a heart beat, yes you are valuable because you are living. In a world that will bring you to your knees quickly if you left it, you need to know that you are valuable. No matter what color of skin you have, religious belief, sexual orientation, choice of teams you root for, or anything else that people devalue others on. You are worth it.

You are worth so much that Jesus would have still gone to the cross if you were the only person on earth. THAT IS UNREAL! God would have sent Jesus to die one of the most painful deaths a man could ever walk through because he wanted to show you how much you meant to the Lord. So when you are feeling down because this world has knocked you to your knees remember that you are worth it. The God of the universe loves you so much and He knows your name. The world says you must be famous to be worth anything but I’ll tell you that you are worth so much just because you have a pulse.

So I challenge you to make people feel like they are worth everything to you. Put your phone down and be intentional with the short amount of time that you get with people. Be with people and love them with all you have. Because people are worth it. They are worth so much more than we could ever imagine.

You are worth it.

Thad Ernst


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