State of my heart

About 2 and a half months ago, I moved from everything that I have ever known in Oklahoma to Memphis. I was a week out of college and I picked up my life as I knew it and put it into the unknown. In other terms I jumped off the diving board and into the deep end. It was extremely hard to leave everything I knew to move here and become a youth minister. But 2 and a half months in, I can say without a doubt that God has put me exactly where I am supposed to be. I have found joy in the cross and in the man that is Jesus. I used to say that he was my source of life and that he was my best friend, but now I truly believe it.

A couple of weeks ago I got the experience of going to a country, Nicaragua, that so quickly became a huge part of my daily life. Never have I been a part of a trip that God just punched me so hard. God broke my heart for what breaks his. God showed me some of the most desolate conditions but he showed me beauty and joy beyond my wildest imaginations. I was there for 10 days and I am sure that I will blog about it a more in future posts but the place that has been on my heart since I returned back is a place called La Cruz, the Cross in english. I believe that it was a divine thing that this was called La Cruz because this is a place that has been so heavy on my heart since the first time that I laid eyes on it.

11027485_10153509571314162_453943865530092898_n IMG_0234

Yes, that is a dump. When I first got there I thought there is no way that this place could be real. It looked like something out of an apocalyptic movie. There was smoke and mounds of trash everywhere. I stepped off of the bus and there were so many flies that trillions is the only word I know that will sort of describe them. But this is where the people of La Cruz work. For every pound of plastic they sell to companies they make 3-4 Cordobas (which is about 12-14 cents). Not only do they work here this is where they find their clothing, food, and other things that they live on. Jesus opened my eyes and said “Thad these are my children just as you are.” My heart immediately broke for these people. My heart has been heavy since I returned from this place that has now taken on such a holy place in my life. I live such a privileged because I was born in the United States. But my Father in Heaven has been teaching me that since encountering this place and becoming aware of its existence that I can make a difference even if I am not there. That prayers can be a huge impact. If you don’t know what to pray for, just pray that the people of La Cruz that they would be blessed daily.

It is amazing that one place can change that state of your heart. For Moses it was a burning bush, For David it was Adullam, But for me it was the Dump in Esteli, Nicaragua. The place called La Cruz. A place that will forever be burned into my mind.

God will move in mighty ways if we stop and take a look. We may miss it if we are only concerned about ourselves. But God will move even if we do not take time to realize it.


Thad Ernst


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